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USA vs. Costa Rica: Game underway

Update: Final score - USA 1-0 Costa Rica, match report.

If you haven't heard or are unable to watch, the United States and Costa Rica are playing in a snowstorm. It's not quite "blizzard" conditions, but the snow is accumulating at Dick's Sporting Goods Park just outside of Denver, and the grounds crew didn't have the easiest of times getting the surface playable before kickoff. They didn't clear the entire pitch, and it'll actually be a bit surprising if the touchlines are still visible in 45 minutes.

Also, the USMNT are wearing white shirts. They couldn't have known that there would be blowing snow during their match when they decided to wear these months ago, but ... uhh ... maybe an alternate was in order? Surely a quick change of plans was possible.

One other thing worth considering as this one gets going: Jurgen Klinsmann's teams haven't been very direct. They like to keep the ball on the ground. Bob Bradley's USMNT certainly would have had an advantage over anyone in the snow, but Klinsmann's team? Well, this isn't exactly their game. It'll be interesting to see how they adjust.