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USA vs. Costa Rica: Clint Dempsey strikes first

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Update: Final score - USA 1-0 Costa Rica, match report.

It took 15 minutes, but someone finally figured out how to play in the snow. After a lot of indirect play, passes on the ground, back-passes and more, the United States decided to start kicking the ball in the general direction of the goal, hoping for good things to happen. This is generally good strategy in ice hockey, and this is essentially an ice hockey game. It led to Clint Dempsey netting an opener against Costa Rica.

Jozy Altidore tried the initial hopeful shot for the United States, hitting Costa Rican defender Roy Miller in the process. The ball skidded across the face of goal towards Dempsey, who was in the perfect position to smash the ball into the back of the net.

Costa Rica probably thought that they could play for a draw before they knew they'd be playing on snow, and they set out to play that way even in the poor weather conditions. Now, they're going to have to alter their gameplan.

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