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USA vs. Costa Rica: Halftime score 1-0, hopefully this one gets finished

The United States lead Costa Rica at halftime. Hopefully for them, that goal isn't erased.

Boris Streubel

Update: Final score - USA 1-0 Costa Rica, match report.

The United States lead Costa Rica 1-0 at halftime in their World Cup qualifier, and they'll hope that goal still matters later tonight. The two teams are playing in virtual blizzard conditions in Colorado, and the snow has gotten worse as the game goes on. If the referee deems that the game can't be completed and has to be abandoned, they'll start over from the first minute, and the goal will be wiped off the board.

For now, the U.S. has a lead through Clint Dempsey, who netted 16 minutes in. Jozy Altidore indirectly set up the chance with a shot that hit Roy Miller, then dribbled into the path of the newly minted U.S. captain, who smashed a finish into the back of the net.

Just before the end of the half, Dempsey appeared to have won a penalty on a foul by Roy Miller in the box, but the referee didn't give it. It's not entirely clear if he thought there was no contact or if he simply couldn't see anything, given the conditions.

Besides that, not much has happened at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. The snowy conditions have kept both teams from creating much in the way of chances, as the ball has mostly just bounced around the center of the pitch for 45 minutes.

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