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Northern Ireland vs. Russia called off, game against Israel in doubt

Northern Ireland's game against Russia which was postponed yesterday has been called off once again, with the Green and White Army's qualifier against Israel on Tuesday also under threat.


Northern Ireland's clash with Russia, which was originally scheduled to take place on Saturday before being postponed until this afternoon, has been called off once again.

Volunteers had been drafted in to clear the pitch, but to no avail, with IFA officials now facing criticism over the fact that the pitch was not covered. Northern Ireland boss Michael O'Neill protested about "freak" conditions, pointing out that " it is the first time in history it has happened [to Northern Ireland], so it is not something we have not managed well, or have mis-managed over time."

It is believed that the match will have to be rescheduled in June, with the weather unlikely to improve and Russia due to play in a friendly against Brazil at Stamford Bridge in London on Monday.

Attention will now turn to Northern Ireland's qualifying game against Israel on Tuesday - there is not much prospect of the weather improving dramatically, so that game will also be under threat of postponement.