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FIFA denies Costa Rica's protest

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Costa Rica's slim hopes of over-turning the USA's 1-0 victory ended today with the announcement that FIFA has denied their appeal on the match due to the snowy conditions.


The US Men's National Team's 1-0 victory over Costa Rica last Friday will stand after FIFA today denied Costa Rica's appeal.

Cue the Price is Right fail horn.

Here is what FIFA had to say in response to Costa Rica's protest:

"FIFA having a legitimate point about the blizzard-like condition turning the game into a bit a comical event, along with the fact that the various lines on the field disappeared, FIFA were not swayed. It probably didn't help that Costa Rica players were imploring the match official to allow the game to continue when it was briefly stopped in the second half.

With the result now official, Costa Rica remains in last place in the CONCACAF hexagonal while the US holds on their their second place position ahead of today's match against Mexico. Costa Rica will look to get back on track as they host Jamaica.

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