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Manchester United vs. Real Madrid: Modric and Ronaldo have put Madrid ahead 2-1

Update: Manchester United 1-2 Real Madrid, final. Madrid progress to Champions League quarterfinals.

Luka Modric and Cristiano Ronaldo have fired Real Madrid into the lead with a pair of goals in a three minutes spain. Madrid are in the drivers seat now leading 3-2 on aggregate and United needing two goals to advance.

As you would expect Real Madrid set-up camp in the United half after Nani was sent off. Sir Alex Ferguson, realizing the task ahead of his team, jumped up and down on the sideline imploring United supporters to make noise and support their team.

There was another controversial moment in the 62nd minute after Raphael Varane's close range header was headed into the back of the net before it hit off Rafael's arm and spun clear of the goal. It wasn't an intentional handball by the defender but then again, his arm basically stopped a goal. None of the officials on and around the pitch saw the play or deemed it foul worthy and play went on.

Four minutes later Luka Modric, who'd come on for Arbeloa a few minutes before, created some space for himself just outside the United penalty area and fired a wicked shot through traffic and past David De Gea. Several United defenders were sitting deep in the box in front of Modric but none of them made a move to close him down.

In the 69th minute Madrid struck again. Gonzalo Higuain and Mesut Ozil palyed a nice one-two on the right side before Higuain sent a low cross that was tucked into the back of the net by a sliding Cristiano Ronaldo.

Everything has changed after that red card and there is going to be some major controversy if this result holds.

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