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Goals of the Week: Featuring Wayne Rooney, Luka Modric, and Shinji Kagawa

Some of the goals on this week's list came for Manchester United and Real Madrid, but weren't as good as ones from the English and Turkish lower-leagues.

Michael Regan

Shinji Kagawa, MANCHESTER UNITED vs. Norwich

Shinji Kagawa is cooler than you, cooler than your dad, cooler than your dad was when he was your age, cooler than you were at 19, cooler than you ever will be, cooler than you ever thought you were, cooler than your children and your children's children ever will be. And this finish was so cool, it made Dimitar Berbatov look like Kevin Davies. A rare example of one of our favourite type of goals, which are scored largely with the eyes.

Luka Modric, Manchester United vs. REAL MADRID

Probably going to be overlooked given the context, but this was an outstanding goal with no margin for error - De Gea couldn't have gotten closer to it. A millimetre either way and it doesn't go in.

Wayne Rooney, MANCHESTER UNITED vs. Norwich

When people say the phrase "the Rooney of old", this is what they're talking about. He was subsequently dropped.

Kevin Ellison, MORECAMBE vs. Rochdale

It's not really Goals of the Week without a screamer from the lower-leagues, and this would've been the best one in that category this week. Except for number one.

Korhan Ozturk, ALTAY vs. Anadolu Selcukluspor

The Turkish third division spawned a monster. This is utterly spectacular. Marco van Basten, Dennis Bergkamp, Robin van Persie, your boys took a hell of a beating. It more than deserves the Vivaldi soundtrack.