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Zlatan Ibrahimovic screams at Leonardo during PSG's locker room celebration

The Mighty Zlatan lost his mind during Paris Saint-Germain's post-match celebration after apparently being forced to undergo a doping test rather then being able to celebrate with his teammates. Or he was just being Zlatan.

Jasper Juinen

Oh Zlatan.

Even winning another trophy today wasn't enough to keep you happy.

Check it out.

Time for some context and explanation.

According to Carlo Ancelotti is his post-match press conference, the Swedish striker was angry over being told by Director of Football Leonardo that he needed to attend a doping test rather than head directly to celebrate with his teammates.

The video only shows Leonardo appearing to try and hug Zlatan and the striker screaming "Devi Uscrie!" which loosely translated means, "You must exit".

Additional translation of his rant from a kind soul on YouTube appears to have Zlatan saying,

"you left me there alone; they closed me there for twenty minutes; yes, i could not leave, you always ruin everything, i was alone ,alone... "

So that lends some validity to Ancelotti's statements.

Whatever happened will probably come out over the next few days but usually when stuff like this starts to happen, it's time to fire up with "Where will Zlatan Play Next" supercomputer and start crunching the numbers.

All Hail Zlatan.

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