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Bill Kenwright is astonishingly clueless, according to report

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Apparently, Bill Kenwright has no understanding of how anything in football works and lives in a bubble.


David Moyes is the odds-on favorite to take over as Manchester United boss, has been linked to the post for years, and does not have a contract with Everton next season. Everton chairman Bill Kenwright seems to lack a basic understanding about these things and what they mean. If this story from The Guardian is completely true and not a simple case of sources close to Kenwright playing dumb, then that means he actually is this dumb.

Either way, this is not a good look for Kenwright, his board and his advisers.

United's desire to secure Moyes took Everton by surprise with the Merseyside club feeling aggrieved that they did not receive the courtesy of an official approach from the champions. However, as Moyes's contract with Everton expires on 30 June United were not required to do so.

The news had been so unexpected at Goodison Park that until 2pm on Wednesday, four hours after Ferguson made his decision public, Everton's chairman, Bill Kenwright, had no idea that Moyes was wanted by United.