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Video: Javier Mascherano sent off for kicking medical cart driver

Oh, Javier, you can't do that.

Javier Mascherano is a bit of a hothead. This is hardly news to those who have followed his Argentina, Liverpool and Barcelona career. He makes lots of hard tackles, often gets sent off for them, and isn't exactly immune to getting sent off for other things. On Tuesday, during Argentina's World Cup qualifier against Ecuador, he got sent off for kicking the driver of the medical cart that was taking him off the pitch.


Mascherano was so enraged by his sending off -- which, by the way, was entirely justified -- that he threw a temper tantrum that required police intervention. Decked out in full riot gear, complete with nightsticks and shields, the cops had to separate Mascherano from the referee. Despite his teammates' attempts to pull him away and usher him to the locker room, he kept running out onto the pitch and screaming.

While Mascherano should miss two games automatically, he might get an even longer suspension for his reaction to getting sent off and his verbal abuse of the referee.

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