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Joe Kinnear gives another legendary interview

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Are you ready for this?

Paul Thomas

On Sunday, Newcastle United announced that Joe Kinnear, their former manager, would become their director of football. If you're familiar with Kinnear, you already know that any interview of his is pretty amusing. If you don't, start by reading this transcript of a press conference where he kicks things off by calling a journalist the c-word.

He appeared on talkSPORT on Monday to talk about his new position at Newcastle. Things start to get pretty good around the two-minute mark. He cuts off the hosts incessantly, repeatedly calls Newcastle fans stupid, spends a few minutes talking about how awesome he is, incorrectly states that resigned managing director Derek Llambezee was previously the director of football and states "we both will" when asked if him or manager Alan Pardew will have the final say on signings:

Remember, Newcastle fans: If things aren't going well, he can just pick up the phone and ask Alex Ferguson what he would do. It's all good.

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