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Hassoun Camara scores bicycle kick from his back, Rapids announcers unimpressed

You probably don't know who Hassoun Camara is, but he's scored two goals this year and both of them have been on bicycle kicks.

Jim Rogash

Hassoun Camara scored on a bicycle kick. From his back. To tie the score. It was pretty amazing. Watch the video below:

Notice anything funny? Yeah, that's the Colorado Rapids announcers making the call. Don't they seem a little ... understated considering what they just saw? A Montreal Impact defender, who they don't seem to have ever heard of, actually scored a goal while lying on his back. It wasn't like he just tapped it in, either. Dude hit it full over his head. If nothing else, it displayed an impressive amount of flexibility.

Listening to the call, you'd think he ran into by accident. I mean, yeah, Clint Irwin botches it pretty badly and essentially hands the ball to Camara and is obviously no where near the goal when the shot is taken. But ... still, that's mighty impressive.

Anyway, that's actually the second time Camara has scored on a bike this year. This is apparently just like a thing he does. So, maybe, it really wasn't that big of a deal...