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Brazil scores opening goal in just two minutes

The Maracana has already had a chance to absolutely erupt, thanks to Fred and some poor defending by Spain. Fred, the journeyman striker who many felt didn't have what it takes to be first choice for Brazil, now has nine goals in his last 11 matches for his country.

Hulk set up the goal with a cross, though it wasn't good enough to set up Fred on its own. Gerard Pique completely misplayed both the ball and Fred as it fell unexpectedly to Neymar, then bounced off of him back towards the center of the box. Iker Casillas went down too early and Fred popped the ball over him while on his back.


It was certainly uncharacteristic of the Spaniards, who didn't concede in the knockout stages of the 2010 World Cup or Euro 2012. They now face a serious uphill battle, considering they're not used to playing from behind at all. In fact, their style of play almost depends on never going behind.