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Transfer rumour analysis: Manchester United to resurrect two old deals, and Luis Suarez's likely destination

Analysing the likelihood of the latest transfer rumours, including Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal's targets.

Alex Livesey

Henrik Mkhitaryin to Liverpool

This one has been much-hyped, although is still in the relatively early stages. Liverpool's interest could force one of the Armenian playmaker's rumoured more higher-profile suitors into action, while a price of £22m is a lot for a club who are in far greater need in other areas of the team. At the moment, the Reds are in pole position, although that could change very quickly.

Wesley Sneijder to Chelsea

A rather odd rumour that came out of left-field, although it was apparently enough for Snejder himself to speak out. The words the Dutchman used basically amounted to "lol what", saying "Does Chelsea need a playmaker? I'm not sure. In football you can never be certain of what will happen next but I'm very happy in Turkey." And that seems to fit the situation, with this rumour making no sense for any of the three parties involved.

Wayne Rooney to Arsenal

Arsene Wenger "registered his interest" in Rooney according to the newspapers, but despite his comments it's impossible to see this one happening. The Gunners would have to utterly obliterate their wage structure for it to happen, with Rooney's salary being twice that of the highest earners at the Emirates Stadium. That alone is reason to ignore this rumour.

Luis Suarez to Bayern Munich

Real Madrid have been the team most-touted to get hold of Suarez should he leave Anfield this summer, and even Atletico Madrid are rumoured to be making a move, but Bayern are also monitoring the situation, and the treble-winners are probably best-placed to tie up the deal. Likely, but could take a few more weeks or months of wrangling.

Stefan Jovetic to Manchester United

Gazzetta Dello Sport says that United have enquired about the forward from Fiorentina, but it frankly seems unlikely. There's not been a hint of this up until now, and while the Montenegrin would probably fit into United's squad quite well if Rooney were to leave - keeping them with the same number of forwards while also providing an option elsewhere - you should probably be highly skeptical about this one. Chelsea's interest has also been mentioned in passing, but both of these rumours have a whiff of "Jovetic's leaving, who needs a striker" about them. Of the two clubs, however, the Blues are more likely, simply because United can't afford to be so indecisive and rarely make such large signings on a whim.

Robert Lewandowski to Manchester United

Talk of this move has cooled recently with suggestions that his move to Bayern Munich was a done deal, but it looks like the saga will roll on. Bayern have been making eyes at other forwards, Luis Suarez among them, and it seems that his other potential suitors are far from out of the race. United's dawdling over a move is probably linked to the uncertainty regarding Wayne Rooney, one of several moves that almost every club is waiting on happening this summer. The picture isn't clearer yet, it's just now clear that it's less clear than we thought it was. Got that? Good.

Ezequiel Garay to Manchester United

A signing that was repeatedly suggested and backed up during the season, although it makes no more sense now. United certainly appeared to have him on the radar, although it all seemed to go quiet after May. The problem here is that this makes little sense - they aren't short of centre-backs, and Garay is nothing special in any case, let alone for a club for whom 17m euros is a lot of the transfer budget. It's a strange one, but it's not without foundation. The latest spell of rumours, however, hail from the Portuguese press rather than the English side, and it wouldn't be the first time United have been heavily-linked to a Portugal-based player only for nothing to come o it.

Mario Gomez to Napoli

Edin Dzeko was the main rumoured target for Rafael Benitez to replace the likely-outgoing Edinson Cavani, but Mario Gomez is perhaps a more enticing name as Bayern Munich look to re-jig their squad for the arrival of Pep Guardiola. £17m could end up being a bargain, although it could also tempt other clubs who were wavering - such as Chelsea - into making a move too.

Martin Stekelenburg to Fulham

Looking more like a done deal with each passing day, and Roma's sporting director Franco Baldini now seems to suggest that the agreement between the clubs is at least finalised. This is virtually certain.

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