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Tommy Oar's stunning chip for Australia should count double

Someone needs to fix football.

Adam Pretty

Football is broken. When you chip the ball from an acute angle perfectly over the goalkeeper, under the bar and into just inside the post, you only get one goal instead of two.

When you hit such a perfect chip, it should be worth double so when Tommy Oar did that in Australia's World Cup qualifier against Japan, it would have been good enough to earn the Socceroos a 2-1 win. Instead, it was only worth one goal and Keisuke Honda's stoppage time penalty earned Japan a 1-1 draw and made them the first team to qualify for the 2014 World Cup.

Someone fix football.

Did he chip that in on purpose? Was it deflected? If you must take cool goals so seriously, please use that no-fun thought and determination to get this goal to count double.

Only you can fix football. Fix it for us all. Be the hero the world needs.