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Barcelona's president hides from reporters in a women's restroom

When Barcelona president Sandro Rosell decided he didn't want to talk with reporters this week, he did what anyone would do to get away from the microphones...go into the women's restroom.

David Ramos

Barcelona's president Sandro Rosell has been under some scrutiny lately and it appears the pressure has gotten to him. Between the transfer of David Villa to Atletico Madrid at what looks like an extremely cut rate price and the impending exit of young star Thiago Alcantara at a ridiculous low buyout fee, people have questions for Barca's big boss.

Sandro apparently had no desire to answer the questions and in a bid to escape the attention of the camera and microphones he ducked into the restroom.

The women's restroom.

It's entirely likely that he was flustered and didn't bother to read the signs. After all, there's a better than zero chance that you've nearly done the same thing when you're distracted or not paying attention to signage. Of course, most of us quickly realize the mistake and make a hasty retreat. Sandro, for whatever reason, just stuck to his guns.

Hopefully the bathroom was empty.

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