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El Shaarawy going nowhere, say AC Milan

Claudio Villa

AC Milan have declared Stephan El Shaarawy off-limits after weeks of transfer rumours swirling around the 20-year-old attacker. That a transfer was unlikely to happen should have been rather obvious to even the densest watcher of the market; El Shaarawy has another five full seasons left on his contract and is one of the centrepieces of this young Milan team. But hey, now the hacks can't keep pushing the story, I guess:

There has been a meeting between (Milan vice president) Adriano Galliani, Stephan El Shaarawy and the young star's entourage. Everything went well. Stephan has always been an AC Milan fan and has reiterated his determination to continue playing for the Rossoneri.

That pledge was reciprocated by Milan, with conviction. Milan and El Shaarawy will move forward together, as they have since 2011. No more talk of the transfer market, no more rumours. AC Milan, the Rossoneri colours and the 'Faraone' will absolutely continue on together.

-Source: AC Milan via ESPN.

Back to your regularly scheduled transfer nonsense.