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It's not easy being a rookie, just ask DeAndre Yedlin

Poor DeAndre Yedlin is having a rough couple of days. First he'll be losing his jersey number to the newly signed Clint Dempsey and now, his teammates have moved his locker.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

It's been quite the rookie season for Seattle Sounders fullback DeAndre Yedlin. The 20-year-old has quickly become a regular starter in his first season in MLS, represented the USA in the U-20 World Cup and he even made the All-Star team.

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This weekend though, things have become more "rookie-like" for Yedlin as the Sounders announced the signing of US international Clint Dempsey.

You see Dempsey, whose nickname is Deuce, prefers to wear the number two on his jersey and that's the number Yedlin has been sporting this season. During Dempsey's unveiling at the Sounders vs. FC Dallas match last night, Dempsey was wearing a jersey with his usual two on the back.

Yedlin was well aware of the coming change before the game and had a little fun on Twitter with the situation.

The Sounders broadcast team even asked Dempsey about the tweet during an interview and the veteran said there would probably be some compensation for Yedlin since he was taking his number away. There's been some crazy gifts given in the sports history for number exchanges, so hopefully Yedlin will get something nice from Mr. Deuce.

Not to be ones to allow the opportunity for a good joke to pass by, Yedlin's teammates decided to relocate the rookie's locker today as well. Call it an excellent opportunity to build on the number change humor and do a little friendly rookie hazing.

Defender Zach Scott took to Twitter to show the world where the young fullback would now be getting ready for games.

It's not easy being a rookie.

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