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Brendan Rodgers: Luis Suarez showing "lack of respect"

Luis Suarez's actions have not sat well with the Liverpool boss.

Scott Barbour

The Luis Suarez transfer saga -- or more precisely his upsetting and throwing allegation of impropriety Liverpool's way -- has continued with Brendan Rodgers hitting out at the striker for what he has called a "lack of respect." Suarez has accused Liverpool of breaking their promise that he could leave the club, something that Rodgers denied to the Echo.

"There were no promises made - categorically none - and no promises broken," Rodgers said. "The club and his representatives had several conversations and he knew exactly where he was at. I think Luis knows the support he's had at the football club and that's something that's been unswerving throughout the whole of last season."

Suarez has tested Liverpool before, first when he was suspended for racial abuse and later when he bit a player -- something he did before at Ajax -- and both times they stood behind him. That's caused some of the friction at Liverpool, who would like to see the same loyalty from Suarez that they showed him.

"I will take strong, decisive action, absolutely," Rodgers added. "There has been total disrespect of the club - this is a lack of respect of a club that has given him everything. Absolutely everything. I really, really feel sorry for the supporters, people that have sung his name. We have travelled the world over the course of this pre-season."

Not only did Suarez accuse Liverpool of going back on their word, but he also said that there was a release clause in his contract of £40 million that the club violated when they rejected Arsenal's bid of £40,000,001. PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor has already refuted Suarez's claim, saying Liverpool are not contractually obligated to sell at £40 million like the Suarez said, and Rodgers says the same.

"I don't believe there is a clause in his contract that says he can leave for any sort of price."

For now, it appears as if Suarez is staying put, but not by his choice and he won't be welcomed back to Anfield with open arms. He'll have to pay the price set by his very angry manager.

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