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Liverpool vs. Manchester United: Halftime score 1-0 to the Reds

Alex Livesey

Are Liverpool back to the good old days? That question certainly doesn't seem too crazy at present -- the Reds are currently comfortably on top of old rivals Manchester United and are taking a deserved 1-0 lead into half time against the defending champions.

An Ashley Young error made sure the game started off with a bang. The winger tried to dribble out of danger and was dispossessed. Although the immediate danger was put behind for a corner, Liverpool struck from the set piece, with Daniel Agger flicking on for Daniel Sturridge, who headed past David de Gea to make it 1-0. All of four minutes had been played.

United's response was fairly tame. Although the visitors looked intermittently dangerous, they've yet to seriously test Simon Mignolet in the Liverpool goal, and will have to do much better if they're going to avoid a first defeat of the season -- the most interesting thing they did all half was replaced injured right back Phil Jones with Antonio Valencia. The Reds, meanwhile, have a chance to enter the international break at the top of the table.