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Fabio Liverani out, Gian Piero Gasperini in at Genoa

A 2-0 loss to Napoli proved to be the breaking point for Fabio Liverani, whose first experience coaching a senior side comes to an end after just six games.

Dino Panato

Fabio Liverani is the first manager to be sacked this Serie A season, lasting just six games in charge of Genoa. Under Liverani, the rossoblu haven't had the worst of starts, sitting 15th in the table with four points. Plus they earned three of those via an impressive Derby win over Sampdoria, so the manager probably figured he'd bought a little time.

Unfortunately, Genoa put on a depressingly dreary performance against scudetto challengers Napoli on Saturday night. Liverani did his best to fix things, changing his squad up even before the break. Genoa looked stronger as the night went on, but Napoli still took all three points easily. It's probably not fair to fire a manager after his side lose to one that's yet to lose themselves, but hey, try to tell that to Enrico Preziosi. The Genoa owner has rarely been one for, shall we say, rational decision making.

So it's Gian Piero Gasperini for the rossoblu. Again. He's the one that guided them up from Serie B back in 2007, and then even got them into Europa League in 2009-2010. Gasperini was sacked just ten games into his fifth season with the club. From there, he went on to coach Inter Milan, lasting just five matches before being shown the door. And who can forget his double stint at Palermo last season, when Maurizio Zamparini brought him back and then made him leave again after just two weeks? Well, at least Gasperini knows how to deal with slightly unhinged ownership.