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Barcelona president Sandro Rosell resigns

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In the wake of reports claiming "misappropriation of funds" connected to the transfer of Neymar to Barcelona, club president Sandro Rosell has resigned.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Barcelona club president Sandro Rosell has stepped down from his position on Thursday. Rosell was elected to the position in 2010 but has been involved with the club since 2003. The resignation comes after El Mundo published documents on Monday that claimed Barca spent over 40 million euros more to sign Neymar over the summer than reported.

Rosell first became involved with the club in 2003, joining forces with Joan Laporta to support Laporta's bid for the club presidency. Laporta won a huge majority in the election and Rosell immediately began work to make his campaign pledge of bringing David Beckham to the club a reality. When Beckham spurned their offers, the club instead signed Ronaldinho from Paris Saint-Germain.

He resigned from the club's board of directors in 2005 but returned five years later, winning the presidential election.