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Ronaldinho raps or sings or something in musical debut

Ronaldinho on the mic.

Steve Bardens

Do you understand Portuguese? I don't, but that doesn't make Ronaldinho's musical debut any less amazing.

Here's all you need to know: Along with his friend Edcity, Ronaldinho (with his new teeth) has a mic and -- like the true musician he is -- is wearing sunglasses inside.

That song is titled "Vai na fe" or "Go in Faith" and has a fatal flaw: there is a distinct lack of Ronaldinho not giving a crap in it.

The beauty of Ronaldinho is that he doesn't give a crap. He embarrasses opposing players just because he can, giggles his way through matches and probably makes up half the stuff he does about a second before he does it.

Ronaldinho's next musical foray -- and you can bet there will be another one -- must include less crap giving, aka, more singing and/or rapping with no acknowledgement of the beat. A rap battle where he stops rapping the other guy and battles an innocent bystander will suffice too.

Stop trying, Ronnie.