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David Moyes thinks there is, and always has been, a referee's conspiracy against Manchester United

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Manchester United are still under attack by their greatest enemy: the referees.

Michael Regan

It's remarkable that Sir Alex Ferguson was so successful at Manchester United considering the referees are always against the Red Devils. It's one of the many hardships of the club. Just ask David Moyes.

Read that quote again.

One more time.

Once more.

Done laughing yet? No.

Read it again.


Other possibility: referees have always favored aggressive teams. You can't get a penalty when you're not running forward and you're more liable to give away a penalty when you're lunging from your heels. That's the nature of football. It is also a trait that most good teams have, so Moyes might want to consider that regardless of the referees.

One more possibility: Moyes' is right and the referees are acting on behalf of the Illuminati, who see Manchester United as a threat.