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Walter Restrepo traded to the San Antonio Scorpions for travel and lodging arrangements

Restrepo wasn't exactly traded for a washing machine, but it was certainly an eye-opening return

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Scorpions needed to add some explosiveness after Hans Denissen signed with the New York Cosmos, and may have done so on Tuesday with a interesting trade. The Scorpions acquired the rights to midfielder Walter Restrepo from the Fort Lauderdale Strikers, reportedly agreeing to pay for the Florida club's travel and lodging when they come to San Antonio in June.

The Crockett Hotel charges $169 per night for the two nights in question, meaning that the lodging portion of the deal will likely cost less than $5,000. The announcement mentions Shark Limo as the travel provider, but their website doesn't offer pricing.

Restrepo was one of the best players in the league during 2012, scoring seven goals and adding another nine assists for the Strikers in all competitions. He was a bit less effective in 2013, scoring only a pair of goals while recovering from ACL surgery.

San Antonio president Howard Cornfield wasn't happy with the money given to Denissen by the Cosmos, and seems to have found a fairly shrewd way to replace his 12 goals without handing out a big contract. Restrepo's thoughts on the trade will be interesting to hear, and hopefully he'll be asked about it at some point soon.