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Luis Suarez still denies racially abusing Patrice Evra

David Ramos

Luis Suarez still claims he did not racially abuse Patrice Evra. In his view, he was charged and found guilty by the FA without evidence.

"When I say I’m sorry it’s because I regret something," he said to Barca Magazine. "Being sorry implies regret. But they have also sometimes judged me on things that aren’t true, such as the racism thing. I was accused without evidence and that’s what grieved me the most. The others were actions when it was me who did wrong. I accepted that and begged forgiveness, but the racism thing, when I was accused without evidence, that did upset me."

The FA suspended Suarez for eight matches in 2011 after they found him to have racially abused Evra during a match. They said that Suarez repeatedly called Evra "negro," while Suarez called it a term of endearment in Uruguay and touted that he had a black grandfather. At least it wasn't a black friend.

The striker denied it the accusations at the time and nothing has changed.

Suarez gave this interview in advance of his debut for Barcelona later this month. It is a debut that has been delayed because he was suspended for biting Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup. It was similar to the time he bit Branislav Ivanovic in a match. Oh, and then there was the time he bit a player while playing for Ajax.

Of course, biting is not the same as racially abusing someone, but people don't generally feel sorry for the upset guy who keeps biting people.