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Shakhtar Donestk's stadium keeps getting damaged in Ukraine conflict

Back in August, Shakhtar Donetsk had to move 600 miles to Lviv, from their home in Eastern Ukraine, due to violent conflict in the region. Their stadium, the Donbass Arena, was seriously damaged by shelling shortly after they departed, and it's been damaged once again.

The club released a statement regarding the latest bit of damage to the arena, including an accompanying video.

"We have a request to all Donetsk residents: under no circumstances should one approach the northern, western and eastern sides of the stadium, it's not safe at all," read a statement from the stadium's facilities director, Vadim Gun'ko. The club also stated that no one was injured and that later, they would "clarify the feasibility of restoring the stadium facade."

Of course, that's probably not going to come anytime soon. There continues to be a serious political conflict in Ukraine, accompanied by violence, and it wouldn't make much sense for the club to repair the stadium before it becomes safe to move the team back to the area and hold games in Donestk again.