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Toronto FC sold their best young player and didn't tell anyone

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TFC is doing some very TFC things.

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The last thing Toronto FC needed as they prepare for yet another postseason-less offseason was some more egg on their face. But, being TFC, of course they couldn't wait until the offseason. So maybe it's not surprising that their most promising, young defender has been sold, and wait, there's more...

To recap quickly: Doneil Henry was not only sold to a club in "Cyprus (or Europe)" -- because just "Cyprus" wasn't vague enough -- but he's apparently BEEN PLAYING ON LOAN at TFC for some UNKNOWN PERIOD OF TIME. But there's a reason that no one seems to have any answers: It's because no one seems to have any.

If the name Kia Joorabchian rings a bell, that's because he's the same unlicensed player agent who was involved in the Carlos Tevez transfer that got West Ham in so much trouble. It should also be noted that MLS had to be complicit in every step of this process, as they are the ones who would need to approve any deal as the original contract holders. So, yeah, it's a dumpster fire.