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Real Madrid's 3rd in El Clásico was a stunning team goal

This is absolutely perfect.

Karim Benzema is the man who finished this move to put Real Madrid 3-1 up on Barcelona, and his finish was an excellent one, but this goal won't be remembered for just the finish. It'll be remembered for the build-up.

There were a couple of interesting plays from Isco before this finish, equal parts amazing and disappointing. He went on an incredible run after Andres Iniesta turned the ball over to set up the attack in the first place, but his pass to Cristiano Ronaldo was less than spectacular. Ronaldo, brilliant as he is, didn't need a perfect ball. He readjusted his body to make a ridiculous off-balance switch out wide to James Rodriguez, who got the assist with a perfect pass to Benzema.

Between the involvement of all four of Madrid's attackers, the recovery by Ronaldo to keep the move alive, the assist and the finish, this was about as brilliant of a team goal as we could have hoped to see in El Clásico.