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The world could not have handled this Clint Dempsey goal

On another day, the Seattle Sounders might have scored seven goals against the Colorado Rapids. In addition to the four goals they did score, there was Lamar Neagle's ridiculous shot off the bottom of his boot and Clint Irwin made a ridiculous save on Osvaldo Alonso's strike from about 50 yards out. The third goal that-could-have been would have probably been just unfair.

Even in the pantheon of ridiculous and oh-my-god-what-did-I-just-see goals that Obafemi Martins and Clint Dempsey have hooked up on, that would have been ridiculous. Martins' chip set up Dempsey just perfectly. While Dempsey's semi-bicycle-volley is pretty much the kind of thing you only can dream of doing in a video game. That he skipped it off the grass and still beat goalkeeper Clint Irwin only to have it hit the post only seems right: There's only so much ridiculousness the world can handle. I mean, this is a player who had already set up another goal with an almost equally ridiculous back-heel.

If there's a small solace in all of this, it's that Irwin makes a great save on Andy Rose's rebound, meaning this might be nominated for Save of the Week and the world will get to see it again. For now, though, let's just admire it among friends.