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New features and interface for Football Manager 15 announced

On Tuesday, Sports Interactive announced all of the new features for Football Manager 15, which comes out on November 7. The above video is a whopping 27 minutes long, for FM diehards who want to see everything that they're going to get to do in the new game.

If you don't have 27 minutes, here's a brief synopsis:

- New sidebar for navigation and other UI changes

- More detailed attributes for you, the manager

- New coaching styles: Tactical, technical and mental

- New notepad that can remind you of things

- Lots of scouting improvements

- Overhauled animations for 3D match engine

- Huge media improvements, including tunnel interviews, variety of questions and follow-ups in press conferences

Try to contain your excitement, and get ready to be angry when your favorite wonderkids are underrated.