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Columbus Crew unveil new logo

The Crew have an all-new look and it's fantastic.

The Columbus Crew have a new logo. They kept the team name and colors, which they announced they would do earlier, but they have a whole new look for the future.

The crest draws upon the Crew's history, with the "96" in there to represent the year the club was founded. It also uses the circular shape, which is taken from part of the Ohio state flag. All in all, it is a really nice pice of work that looks modern, but also should hold up well long-term.

Owner Anthony Precourt made rebranding the team a priority as soon as he bought the team last year. He wanted to overhaul a stale brand and a crest that most believed was one of MLS's worst, but he didn't want to throw away 20 years of history so he opted for a new look, with the old yellow and black intact.

The Crew have a lot more work to do, particularly on the field. They are clinging to the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference and they also want either massive renovations to Crew Stadium, or a new ground altogether.

In the meantime, a new logo will do, and a great one it is.