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Italy vs. Croatia suspended due to crowd trouble

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Don't throw flares.

The European Championship qualifying match between Italy and Croatia has been suspended, due to the actions of visiting Croatia supporters. They're throwing flares on the pitch, lighting fireworks and have been scuffling with police.

Flares were thrown early in the match and the referee stopped play, let stadium crew clear the flares of the pitch and was able to restart the match after a couple of minutes. He attempted to do the same thing in the second half, but when fireworks and disputes with police were thrown in, he didn't have any choice but to suspend the game.

Eventually, the authorities and stadium staff were able to get things sorted out in the stands and restart the match, but the match was stopped for around 15 minutes and players had to go into the tunnel briefly. The match was tied up at 1-1 at the time of the suspension, and Croatia will be in decent shape to qualify with a draw, so the traveling fans certainly didn't have a sporting reason to do this.