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Check out these cool soccer kits for all 50 states

[Insert 100 emoji]

There is club soccer and international soccer, but what if there was state soccer? You know, all 50 states (plus Washington, D.C.) in the United States get their best teams together and play in the American State Cup.

One designer made it happen, kinda. He came up with the idea for it and created home and away kits for all 50 states. They try to utilize the state's identity, use different kit makers and entirely unique designs.

For example, Alaska uses the state's mountains.

alaska kit

California and Florida's kits are much more subdued, but pretty fantastic.

california kit1

florida kit

Tennessee's is certainly unique, but it is distinctly Tennessee. The second you see this, you know who is playing.

tennessee kit

The best kit of them all might be Rhode Island's home.

delaware kit

And the ugliest? Or best? Or most ridiculous? Whatever you're going to call Indiana's away kit, it's ... something.

indiana kit

That is if you're not counting Louisiana's Mardi Gras inspired monstrosity.

louisiana kit

Make sure you check out all 102(!) kits below because it's a ton of wonderful work, and the explanations for them are great. And if you happen to know who this designer is, please let us know.