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Thierry Henry won't commit to playing on turf in Eastern Conference Finals

Mind games, surely?

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

New York Red Bulls star Thierry Henry generally doesn't play on artificial turf, infuriating turf advocates everywhere. He believes that he needs to stay off the surface to prevent wear and tear on his aging knees, and the Red Bulls' staff seems to agree.

The Red Bulls' Eastern Conference Finals opponents, the New England Revolution, play on turf. But surely Henry will make one of his rare appearances on an artificial surface in a conference final, right? Right?!?

Yes, even though Henry has been with the Red Bulls for five years and the Revs are one of the club's biggest rivals, he's never appeared at Gillette Stadium. And instead of giving a straight yes or no about whether or not the second leg of the conference finals will be the first time, he declined to give an answer.

This is probably just mind games on the part of the Red Bulls and Henry. Surely, if Sunday's first leg doesn't end in a blowout, Henry will start the conference final. It will be his last or second-to-last game in a Red Bulls shirt, and it would be shocking if he opted not to play.

But the Red Bulls have held Henry out of massive games on turf before. Maybe he's not bluffing?