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Birmingham City player donates entire salary to charity

Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Guy Moussi signed a short-term contract with Birmingham City, but he will not pocket a penny for his play. That is because he is donating all of his wages to charity so all of the money that the Blues owe him will go to good causes.

The donations will be split between four charities: the Birmingham City Disabled Supporters' Club, Stop Ebola, TEV Soma Charity and a church in Paris.

The Frenchman came up with Angers in his home country before spending six years with Nottingham Forest. He left Forest after last season and has been a free agent ever since, but after a trial with Birmingham, they decided to sign him.

Hopefully Moussi can impress at Birmingham and stick with them, or at least find another club to play with long-term. It'd be great to see a good guy like Moussi find a home.

In the meantime, all we can say is thank you, Guy. You're wonderful.

HT The Star