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Emmanuel Adebayor denies kicking his mom out of house because she is a witch

The striker's mother is or is not a witch, but there is definitely some juju involved.

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Emmanuel Adebayor's sister accused the Tottenham Hotspur star of kicking his mother out of the family house because he thinks she is a witch.

That is how a real story is starting.

The Togolese striker moved quickly to deny that he kicked his mother out, or even that he thinks she is a witch, but he definitely thinks that his family should stop using witchcraft.

Peace Power Sports has the quotes from the striker.

Obviously I'm not a pastor, I am a footballer so I cannot point out a witch...

I never sacked my mum from the house; she decided to leave the house ... But how am I going to be in touch with my mum if my mum is the one telling everyone that my work will not go forward, so I will just be on my side and do my thing.

They should stop talking talking,they should stop doing Juju on me; they should leave me alone ... The one talking there and calling herself my sister I bought a house in East Legon for $1.2m ... can you imagine that sister went to rent the house without my knowledge?

Witchcraft, juju, whatever you want to call it.

One thing that is certain: there is some sort of a family squabble.

That is literally the only thing that is certain here.