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NYCFC mostly hits the mark with away kit effort

When it was first unveiled in mid-November, New York City FC's home kit drew more yawns from the kit-loving public than it did praise. The away kit shows us what could have been.

New York City FC unveil inaugural season away kit
New York City FC unveil inaugural season away kit

There was almost certainly a "boo" or two from the audience, although come to think of it, they might have been saying "Boo-urns." The home kit was very predictable and was a decent  look into what would happen if Manchester City had signed an adidas kit deal instead of one with Nike.

In a shocking (read: not at all surprising) turn of events, NYCFC's home kit was light blue and white with navy blue around the front for the inaugural season jock tag and sponsor logos. It also missed a trick by failing to more prominently incorporate the colors on the club's badge where the vibrant orange, a color that is very much a part of New York City, could have been used to break up the monotony of the almost entirely sky blue top.

The newly-unveiled away kit from the club goes a long way to fix the home kit's flaws and is not even the least bit boring. The kit is almost entirely black and that's a very good thing as it's nice departure from the kits that Manchester City are wearing this season. Early reaction on Twitter indicates that the kit is a hit among fans and kitnerds alike with the old fire emoji getting a very solid workout.

The shirt features light blue accents for the sponsor logos and the adidas stripes on the shoulders, as well as having the color appear as thick bands for the shirt's hem and at the base of the sleeves. The collar features a bright orange insert that travels from the neckline down to the middle of the NYCFC crest on the left side of the shirt. The MLS logo that appears on both sleeves takes on a new look with a black body, orange stroke, and City blue for the wordmark and three stars. The back of the shirt features the interlocking NYC emblem from the crest at the base of the neck and the front features the subway tile-inspired inaugural season jock tag in the same color. The shirt also features five diagonal tonal stripes, one for each of New York City's boroughs.

The shorts complete the kit by bringing that black color all the way through and matching the shirt's light blue accents with a thin line running around the side. The kit will be on sale to the public in early 2015 with plenty of time for fans to pick the look up before NYCFC kick off in MLS for the first time.