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Aberdeen schools may start using Football Manager in classes

Children are the future, and children in Aberdeen's future may include Football Manager. Like in schools, and for grades.

Schools in Aberdeen, Scotland are considering introducing the game to Physical Education classes, according to the Evening Express. The proposal was discussed at a meeting of the Scottish Association of Teachers of Physical Education and was part of a group of games that may be introduced. Minecraft, Wii Fit and Just Dance are also being considered.

"Games such as Football Manager are a very good way to get people to understand football and the role it has in our society," said Lee Almond, former foundation direction of the British Heart Foundation National Centre.

So instead of playing football. Or even basketball or kickball or hopscotch, kids will play Football Manager so they can grow up to be smug about players from obscure leagues and insist that they are better at being a technical director than Damien Comolli (they are).