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Brandão receives prison time for headbutting PSG midfielder Thiago Motta

The Bastia striker has been handed a one-month sentence.

2012. Perhaps someone might have seen this coming?
2012. Perhaps someone might have seen this coming?
Michael Steele/Getty Images

Bastia striker Brandão was sentenced to one month in prison for his headbutt on Thiago Motta. In August, the 34-year-old attacked Motta in the Parc de Princes tunnel, just moments after Paris Saint-Germain beat Bastia 2-0. Motta was left with a broken nose.

After the incident, captured by security cameras, Brandão was suspended from football for six months. While Brandão admitted to the charge of assault, he denied that it had been premeditated. The French court opted for a custodial sentence rather than the recommended eight-month suspended sentence, but newspapers are reporting that the sentence will be commuted to community service.

Bastia, for their part, implied that Thiago Motta may not have been entirely innocent in all this. While condemning the actions of Brandão, they also said they "deplore the equally unacceptable behavior of certain players who don't stop insulting and provoking their opponents."

Perhaps Motta insulted his sister? Worry not, Brandão. Looks like everything's been turning out just fine for Zinédine Zidane.