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Zoran Tosic couldn't play for CSKA because he got the wrong visa

CSKA Moscow had to play Manchester City without Zoran Tosic because of a visa problem.


Zoran Tosic is a very important player to CSKA Moscow so it was surprising when his name was not in the lineup against Manchester City in the Champions League. He must have injured himself, because he wouldn't just be left out of the team.

Nope, they just screwed up his visa.

CSKA is a big club. They have people to handle things like visas for the Champions League. And yet someone screwed up Tosic's, so CSKA have to play one of England's best clubs without him.

Visas are not always straighforward so they can be confusing, but consider that everyone else on the team had the correct visa and just Tosic's was wrong. How do you screw up just one and fill out the rest just fine?

We have yet to confirm that the person who messed up the visa has not been tackled by Tosic.