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Emelec score 19 seconds into match they didn't kick off in

Win the ball, go down field, score and do it all in 19 seconds.

Sao Paulo did a good job winning 4-2 in the first leg of their Copa Sudamericana quarterfinal against Emelec. All they had to do was keep it together in the second leg and they would be into the semifin ... WHOOPS!

It took all of 19 seconds for them to give the ball away and Emelec to take the ball the other way. Miller Bolanos put the finishing touches on the move with a simple finish and Emelec were within.

So was it better by Emelec or worse by Sao Paulo?

It doesn't matter. Emelec could only win 3-2 so they were eliminated, 6-5 on aggregate. Good try, though.