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Watch a dad surprise his sons with a trip to MLS Cup

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Sports are awesome.

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When the New England Revolution beat the New York Red Bulls to book their spot in MLS Cup, Chris Gasbarro booked his flight to LA to see his beloved Revs play for their first title. And he booked flights for his two sons too, but his kids didn't know it.

Gasbarro's wife drove him to the airport and his kids came along too. They were there to say goodbye to him as he got ready for his cross-country flight. Only when they got out of the car, Gasbarro told them they were coming with him.

Luckily for us, he took video of the whole thing.

MLS Cup 2014 - Go Revs! from chris gasbarro on Vimeo.

So the Revs lost, 2-1. It'd have been better for the Gasbarros if they had won, of course, but it looks like they had a pretty amazing weekend.

Chris is the first generation of MLS fans. His sons are the second. And you can bet all three will be there next season when the Revs kick off their 20th season. This league isn't doing too bad.

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