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SK Brann's new rubber home kit looks pretty uncomfortable

SK Brann

The weather in Norway is, in completely unsurprising news, cold and wet for much of the year. Those are the conditions that Adeccoligaen (relegated from the Tippeligaen last season) side SK Brann face year in and year out for league play with the season beginning in April and ending in November.

In Bergen, where Brann's stadium is, the months with the most precipitation are concentrated at the end of the campaign with temperatures often barely getting above freezing. Those conditions are tough to play football in. Rest easy though because Danish brand Hummel think they have a solution and it's a little on the strange side.

Brann's new home kit is made of the same material that raincoats and rain boots, among a number of other items, are made of. Yes, a professional soccer team will be playing their games in a red and white home kit made out of a rubber-latex material. The kits are thankfully lighter than the stuff you'd wear in a rainstorm but will hopefully keep players more comfortable in cold, wet conditions.

The new home shirts are all red except for Hummel's trademark chevrons on both shoulders and for the various sponsor logos, both of which are in white. The shorts that complete the kit are black with white chevrons running down the sides.