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Let's take a look at Liverpool's 'defense' against Arsenal

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Usually defense includes, well, defending.

Liverpool are off to one of their worst starts in years. They have just 22 points from 10 matches and are only in the race for the top four because, outside of Chelsea and Manchester City, no one is very good.

It's possible that the reason Liverpool is struggling is because of their defense, which has allowed more goals than any other team in the top half. Let's check in on that defense against Arsenal.

liverpool lol

So Arsenal are playing with one striker, Olivier Giroud. He also happens to be the only man running towards goal, which isn't going to be a problem because there are plenty of defenders.

liverpool lol 2

Okay, so the defenders aren't going to mark him, but maybe holding midfielder Steven Gerrard, who has tracked back and is right near Giroud, will.

liverpool lol 3

Or maybe he won't. But there are so many defenders and one striker!

liverpool lol 4

Fine, no one will mark him.

liverpool lol 5

Get chicken danced on, Liverpool.