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Excuse me, dog: You're taking a dump on the pitch

A stadium full of people paid money to watch a soccer match, but they got a bonus show: a dog taking a dump!

Dogs are fun and cute and loving. They are soft and fluffy and like to lick your face. They are basically the best things on Earth.

They also take dumps and do not care about soccer or soccer pitches so if they find themselves on a soccer pitch and need to take a dump, they will do it right then and there.

Right then and there happened to be right in front of the goal while Rosario Central were playing River Plate on Sunday.

Remember, everybody poops.

The pitch was not just a place to take a dump for the dog either. It was a giant playground with lots of friends, as evidenced by the near five minutes he ran around while the referee, players and stewards chased him.

We are working to confirm that this dog will be the inspiration for the newest film in the Air Bud series. Fingers crossed.