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Referee feels so bad for team losing 15-0 that he ends it early


Imagine how bad it feels to lose. Now imagine how bad it feels to lose 15-0. Now imagine how bad it feels when the referee takes such pity on you that he ends the match early.

You just imagined being Stromsgodset. Kind of.

The Norwegian club was beaten by Lokomotiv Moscow, 15-0, in a friendly and it could have been worse. The referee, presenting proof that he has a soul, blew the whistle after 83 minutes.

It wasn't as if Stromsgodset were in a fair fight, having only six players available after an illness struck the team. They had to draft in some local men just to play the match so the scoreline isn't too much of a surprise, but no matter how few players Stromgodset had, who they brought into the team or anything else that explains the scoreline, 15-0 is still 15-0, and the referee pitying you is still the referee pitying you.

Someone give Stromsgodset a hug and some puppies.