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Please Welcome Twice a Cosmo to the family

SB Nation has broken new ground today, as we now have our first-ever NASL blog.

Mike Stobe

The New York Cosmos have been among the most recognizable names in North American soccer ever since Pele joined the club in 1975. As we all know, that version of the club played in front of massive crowds that still set the standard for the professional game around these parts. Although the original Cosmos, as well as the original NASL, flamed out, the power of the name endured.

Finally, the Cosmos were relaunched last season, winning the reborn NASL's Soccer Bowl in their first season. Maybe it was just a matter of time, but SB Nation has taken notice and launched Twice a Cosmo, our first blog dedicated to a NASL club.

Running the show is Stephen Schmidt, a name you may recognize from his work with our Chelsea blog We Ain't Got No History. Believe it or not, Stephen has been a Cosmos fan since the days of the original team. As he says himself, he's been bugging us about getting this blog going for a few years, ever since the Cosmos first announced their intentions to field a team again.

These are exciting times in North American soccer and the Cosmos are promising to be a part of that. SB Nation is happy to be along for the ride and will hopefully help create a community that is deserving of such a massive brand.