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Michael Laudrup, Swansea City part ways

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Steve Bardens

Swansea City have parted ways with second-year manager Michael Laudrup, a statement on the club website has announced. Laudrup,49, led the Swans to a League Cup win against Bradford City last February and had critics raving over his slick passing play and acute signings -- since then his stock (and Swansea's league position) have dropped precipitously, leaving the club in serious danger of relegation.

Simply put, nothing has worked this year. Swansea are two points clear of the drop, have been playing high-possession football at the expense of defending and attacking, and it was becoming very difficult to justify Laudrup's continued presence at the club, and their most recent result, a 2-0 reverse against West Ham United, apparently pushed the club over the edge.

In what probably isn't a joke, Swansea have declared that Garry Monk will take the reigns as head coach 'for the foreseeable future'; the sound you just heard was Chico Flores hitting himself with a brick.