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Iran's World Cup jerseys have a cheetah on them

Go Leetahs!

Iran are called the Lions, or the Princes of Persia, or the Persian Stars. They are not called the Cheetahs.

But when Iran take the pitch at the 2014 World Cup, they will have a cheetah on their shirt, at least on their secondary kit.


So let's get this straight: Iran are going to their fourth World Cup ever and are going to put a giant cheetah on their kit. This is how they will gain the world's respect.

Damn straight they will.

The kit is supposed to bring awareness to the Asiatic cheetahs, which are mainly in Iran and are facing extinction. If you want to bring awareness to something, the World Cup is pretty good place to do it.

So in summation:

1. There's a cheetah on the jersey of the Lions.

2. Asiatic cheetah cubs are really, really, really, really, really, really cute.

3. Leetahs are cooler than Ligers.

4. Roar.

Photo via @FootballShirt